New Research Shows How You Can Cure Tennis Elbow At Home

The Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma in New York City recently published the results of a study into a simple treatment for Tennis Elbow. The study showed the exercises were so successful that the researchers were forced to cut it short as it became unethical to deny the control group the treatment.
This exercise has since been adapted to treat Golfer's Elbow as well (see top left).
Tennis Elbow is known by the medical profession as lateral epicondylitis. It is a form of tendonitis, so the researchers looked at other forms of tendonitis and what treatments were effective. This led them to a form of exercise called eccentric exercise. Eccentric contraction is when the muscle resists an opposing movement, essentially acting as a brake. This has proven effective in the treatment of conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis.
The main obstacle in treating Tennis Elbow had been in devising a practical way to perform eccentric exercise on the muscles that attach to the elbow. This was solved by using an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment known as a flexbar. You can now treat yourself and cure Tennis Elbow pain for $20 or less.

Flexbar Tennis Elbow Exercises

The best way to understand the exercise required to cure Tennis Elbow is to watch video footage of the movement. It is important to understand each component of the exercise to ensure you receive the benefits. If done incorrectly, there is the risk of making the condition worse.
Below is a clip of the exercise.
Watch the footage then read the description that follows. Repeat the process until you are happy you know exactly what to do. Practice the movements with a roled up hand towel. When you are proficient, you only require a flexbar to successfully treat your condition and relieve your pain.

Flexbar Exercises for Tennis Elbow - The Steps

Before watching the exercise video, we need to define which arm is being treated, and which arm is assisting.
This exercise treats only one arm at a time. If you have Tennis Elbow in both arms you should start by treating the worst arm first and continue only on this arm until the pain has completely resolved. You can then move on to the other arm.
In the video above, the lady's right arm is the one being treated, her left arm is assisting.
1) Hold the flexbar at one end in the hand being treated. The wrist should be cocked back and not moved from this position. The arm being treated should be grasping the bottom end of the flexbar.

2) The assisting hand now grasps the flexbar at the opposite end. It then twists the flexbar - the arm being treated does not help to twist the bar and does not move from the cocked wrist position.

3) Both arms are brought straight out in front of the body, again, the wrist should remain cocked backwards and stationary. This is the starting position for the exercise. Everything up to this point has been preparation.

4) The eccentric flexbar exercise is now performed. The assisting arm now remains fixed and the arm being treated does the movement. The treatment wrist now slowly rolls forward, controlling the bar as the twist is unwound.
Points to remember

Most of the movement seen in the video is preparation. The exercises is the small movement of the right wrist at the end.

The wrist being treated must not move or contribute to the initial twisting of the flexbar. It should remain cocked back all the way until the starting position is achieved and you are ready to begin the exercise itself.

You will feel it in your elbow after doing the exercise. This is normal and lets you know you are achieving something. This exercise is not a magic wand and will not resolve the pain overnight but it will work if you follow the instructions.

How many Flexbar Exercises do you do?

You should start off by doing 5 of the exercises, 3 times a day. As you can see from the video, the exercises are very brief and you will not have to take much time out of your day. Remember that your elbow will be sore afterwards. Once the exercises start to bother your arm less, you can increase towards 10 repetitions, then 15. As long as you do them regularly and start off slowly you will begin to feel the benefit quickly.

What Now?

Those in the United States can follow the link below to purchase a flexbar at or click here.
Those in the United Kingdom can find an exercise bar by clicking here.

Once it arrives watch the video again and read through the step by step instructions. Practice the movement then check you are doing it correctly.
Follow the simple program until you pain has gone. If it ever starts to come back again, quickly reintroduce the exercises before it has a chance to take hold.
All you need now is a bit of motivation and persistance and you will soon be pain free.